Hanging Portion Controlled
Dispenser System

The perfect hanging portion dispenser system that reduces cost, minimises waste and is perfectly placed in the front and back of house for dispensing.

Hanging Portion Controlled Refillable Dispenser System for Sauces and Detergents

The Ultimate 5.5lt Hanging Portion Controlled Dispenser System is the ideal dispensing solution for busy, fast sauce or detergent dispensing environments. The 5.5lt container is easy to refill, food grade and commercial quality and will handle large or small catering events or fast food serving venues and can also be used to dispense detergents, hand cleaner / sanitiser and is perfect for cleaning up your sink, wash areas. The Ultimate Portion Dispenser Gun can be calibrated to offer portion sizes of 3.75ml, 5ml, 7.5ml, 10ml and 15ml doses or 1/8 fl oz, 1/6 fl oz, 1/4 fl oz, 1/3 fl oz and 1/2 fl oz, which allows you to keep control of your dispensing costs.

ultimate hanging portion dispenser system

The Ultimate 5.5lt Hanging Portion Controlled Dispenser System consists of the following components

Decades of portion controlled Dispensing development

Advantages of the Portion Controlled Sauce Dispenser

  • Easy, smooth operation
  • Consistent portion control – 3.75ml, 5ml, 7.5ml,10ml and 15ml doses.
  • Easy to refill and change
  • Leakproof and drip-free, clean and hygienic
  • Sustainable through frequent re-use
  • Easy and complete disassembly and cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe (apart from the base plate with holders)
  • 100% food safe
  • Pumps and bottles are “NSF listed”

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Portion Controlled Fifo dispenser set gives the refillable bottles a place on your buffet or worktop.
Bottles are no longer left lying around but are kept tidy, clean and ready to use in the attractive stainless steel holder. The Portion Controlled Fifo Dispenser is quick and easy to clean. The same applies to the Fifo bottles. Both the dispensers and the bottles meet the NSF criteria. The portion dispenser breaks down into it’s component form and is easy to clean and re-assemble and is dishwasher safe.